Core Values

You might have noticed some changes around the Flock... We’ve been hard at work crafting a music experience that is as unique as each of our students!

We took a deep look at our core values as a studio and it came down to three words: PASSION, PURPOSE, and LEGACY.

These three words are woven into the fabric of everything we do- from our events, to the kind of lessons we give each week, to the copy on our website, to how the business gets run behind the scenes, too!

Identifying our core values led to a bigger conversation of how we work with you, our students. We realized the old model wasn’t serving you to the level our core values demanded.

It was holding us back from telling the incredible story of how music can transform our lives. Study after study proves the power of music to be true, but why weren’t we honoring that to the best of our ability?

We asked ourselves: How can we serve our families the best? How can we uphold our values of passion, purpose, and legacy? How can we delight our families with incredible music instruction, deep and meaningful relationships, and value? The answer was clear.

We believe lesson packages redefines the value we place on the impact of music in our development. It evokes a story of music learning as a journey; a long-term investment in your overall development as a whole human.

Packages invite meaningful relationships with your instructor, and a mutual commitment to the music journey, ensuring you receive an intentional lesson experience.

What is a package exactly?

It’s taking the lessons you want weekly (or sporadically) and bundling them into a group that you pay upfront. Think of it like a gymnastics class, season pass, or private school tuition. Among the many benefits to you are:

...Flat upfront or quarterly tuition! No more calculating how many lessons were taken each month--payment is easy because you always know the amount.

...Built-in buffer weeks! No more make-ups or hectic rescheduling around holidays, vacations, and late-night rehearsals! Missed lessons just roll over to the next week--no stress, no mess!

...Additional goodies like performance opportunities, open mic events and more!

Your needs are also unique! That’s why packages have been thoughtfully curated in specific sizes to ensure everyone gets the best lessons arrangement that works best for their family on their timeline terms.

We invite you to partner with us in your music journey with a lessons package. We hope you feel they are as meaningful, thoughtful, and intentional as our core mission.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and your family, and to continue to serve and delight our community with music instruction that changes lives.


Laura Peacock and the Blue Feather Music Team