Are you with us?

Last week I premiered our improved version of lesson packages. I hope you have been as excited as I am about these incredible changes and updates!

I firmly believe that a business, to be successful, must hold fast to the values it was built on. You cannot lose sight of your foundational ideals or you’ll get off track and one day wake up and not recognize yourself.

For Blue Feather, those values are: PASSION, PURPOSE, and LEGACY.

These three words carry a lot of weight and they needed to be an integral part of our studio operations in every way- woven into the fabric of who we are.

Our lessons packages are a way for us to honor this for our families and students. A streamlined, simplified way of studying music that allows us to serve our families with our foundational values in mind. 

Experience passionate instructors that are incredible at their craft, and even more incredibly dedicated to teaching and instilling a love of music in their students. 

Feel the difference of intentional instruction as your teacher crafts a lesson experience that’s as unique as you are. Learn at your own pace with what interests and engages you.

Be delighted by the long-lasting impact your music journey makes on your life. Our teachers are here for you, and our mutual investment in one another creates an exciting new dynamic that’s going to change the face of music and the futures of our young people.

What are your core values? What makes you get up and going every day? What principles do you live your life by? I’m sure those drive your decisions, big and small. 

Well, it’s the same for us! Are you ready to join us in this incredible journey? Are you with us?


Laura & the Blue Feather Music Team