Spencer Granger


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Beginner piano

Voice Coach

Most of Spencer's earliest memories revolve around attending praise band rehearsals with his father. Growing up surrounded by music, it wasn't until the age of twelve that he finally worked up the courage to grab some drumsticks and give it a try. It wasn't long after that he began playing for youth groups and church services. Soon, he began receiving invites to drum live and on record for local bands and songwriters in the San Francisco Bay Area and later in Portland, Oregon. 

Along the way, he's also become proficient in voice, piano, and guitar. He earned his Bachelor's in Music from Corban University with a focus on vocal and sacred music, with four years of voice lessons and four years of piano to round out his understanding of composition, theory, and performance. He filled a multitude of prominent roles  in ensembles ranging from concert choirs to indie bands, with lots of jazz in-between. He has also led and trained student bands at the high school and college-level. Above all, he is a passionate music-lover who wants to help students explore the wonderful world of sound and find their unique musical voice. He has taught privately in the D.C. area since 2013 and is excited to join the Blue Feather family!

When Spencer is not teaching, you will catch him writing and recording music, drinking coffee, and hanging out with his wife and dogs.