Rockin' Robin

6 months

22 lessons over 6 months

The Rockin’ Robin is a thoughtfully curated package for students who are possibly new to lessons and are looking to start their musical journey, but aren’t sure about what their schedules will be in six months.

Perfect for starting anytime, but designed for clients who prefer to have regular lessons for six months with the option of re-upping after their package expires or continuing with drop-in lessons.

This package offers 4 FREE weeks of flex so you have plenty of time to take off for an occasional holiday or occasionally reschedule when you get sick.

Example Ideal student timeline: 22 lessons from January-May, leaving the entire month of June to reschedule if you get sick or need a spring break.

Exact tuition is not posted online because exact prices change based on lesson length and any applied siblings discount. If you are new to Blue Feather, we will always ensure you have some trial lessons through the matching process to ensure you feel it’s a good fit.