Saturday, May 11 @ 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM

Faith Lutheran Church

Are recitals a requirement? 

Nope! Recitals aren't required but we encourage any and every student to participate. It's not about how impressive you are or how long you've been playing but the fact that you prepared something, followed through, had incredible amounts of courage and you did it! That's an awesome feeling that boosts confidence and inspires us.

What should my student play? 

They can play anything they like! Your teacher will work your student to pick the perfect piece to perform. It can be holiday themed or just a selection they love. 


There will be a $30 per student recital fee which helps to cover venue fees, program preparation, and a reception with light refreshments immediately following the recital. 


Your teacher will work with you directly to pick fun, challenging but accessible repertoire. To ensure a varied and interesting program, the studio will attempt to prevent any repeats on songs/pieces. If a song/ piece has already been selected by a student, it is then not an option for another student. This is to give everyone a chance to shine and feel that their moment was special and unique to them that day. 


Recital day


Please arrive early. The sanctuary will be open half and hour before each performance for students and their families. This extra time is a perfect opportunity for your child to test the piano and get used to the room. Some students have not had a chance to play on such a large instrument or play in such a large space and it can be intimidating, so having a chance to see it and practice parts of their piece can help ease the nerves.

Should you arrive late, as in after the recital has started, please wait to enter during a break in performances. Entering during a performance is distracting to the performer and audience so please be courteous to your fellow audience members. Students may sit with their family during the recital. Per the program, students will walk up when it is their turn in the program, and return to their seat upon finishing. There will be no introduction for each student so it is important to follow the program. 


There is a small parking lot to the side of the church, and plenty of street parking. Should you park on the street, please be advised of any posted parking restrictions. 


Recital dress is similar to Sunday best- No jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, etc. Girls in knee-length or longer dresses or slacks, boys in dress pants and buttoned dress shirts with ties preferred, or suits. No spaghetti straps, no platform shoes, flip-flops, or athletic footwear. Please do not wear dangling, jingling jewelry. Recitals are a special occasion, so audience members should dress accordingly, too. 


Recital Etiquette: 

Please show respect to all audience members and performers by staying as quiet and still as possible during the recital. This includes talking, loud whispering and those loud candy wrappers! 

Try to use the restroom beforehand. Should you need to get up, please wait for in-between pieces. It is very distracting to everyone when there is movement or noise- playing in front of a large group can be scary so it is important to be as helpful as possible (quiet toys/books are acceptable for young siblings if needed). 

Boisterous applause is encouraged after EVERY student to show appreciation for their hard work. Please hold applause until after the piece is finished. 

Please no excessive waving or yelling to your child before/after the performance- this is distracting for not only the students but for other audience members. 

If you have small children, I suggest sitting toward to back or at the end of your row should you need to exit during the recital. 
Attendance: I expect the recital will last no longer than an hour, with the reception to follow at which point you may leave at your leisure. So, when planning to stay for the recital, expect the event to be over around 2 PM. 

Please plan to attend the entire recital: 

I understand this is a very busy time of year for all, but every student has worked hard and as an audience member it is important to support and appreciate them by staying for the entirety of the recital. Leaving early is rude and unacceptable. Please keep this is mind when signing up for this event. 

Invite your Friends: 

The auditorium has plenty of room, so invite your family and friends to support your child! Please stress the importance to any of your guests of arriving early, or on-time. I have created an E-vite for your convenience. 


This is a special event for your child so video and photography is encouraged, however please ensure it does not block the view for another audience member. There will also be time for group and individual pictures post-recital.


There will be light refreshments served in the fellowship hall immediately following the recital. Please stay and enjoy! ☺