Teacher Feature: Spencer Granger

Spencer Granger joined Blue Feather in  2016, bringing an expertise primarily in drums and guitar. While these are his main instruments, his skills are broad, having majored in voice for his undergraduate degree, and possessing proficiency in piano, cello, violin, viola, and bass guitar.

Spencer can be heard performing either guitar, bass guitar, or drums 2-3 weeks of the month at National Community Church's Baracks Row and Potomac Yard locations. He shares that his first inspiration came from watching his dad play music at church growing up. His dad played acoustic guitar and offered a strong tenor harmony to the worship team. While Spencer was a "later bloomer," picking up his first instrument at 12, he felt that listening to so much music throughout his childhood gave him a head start and "everything took off" from there. Like his father, he too is a tenor.

A student who currently inspires Spencer in particular, is a boy nearly 14 years old, who has been studying guitar with him  for 4 years. In the last year, he's been progressing quickly. "I have to practice before lessons to prepare for him," Spencer reported proudly. He is delighted when students begin to practice more and more for sheer enjoyment.

A value that Spencer wishes to impart to his students is time management, especially since we are located in the DC area. "I've never seen so many stressed out 9 year olds," he confessed, referring to our busy schedules and strong drive to succeed that is so typical of the DC community. "For myself as well," he says, "it can be hard to carve out time to practice when the pace of life here is so busy."

Another principle Spencer believes is important in developing any performer is what he calls "The big 3." These are Transcription, Technique, and Repertoire. Transcription is the ability to hear or see something and replicate it, either on paper or at your instrument. Technique is the ability to find your way around the instrument well. Repertoire is a set of songs that each student has developed and can play with ease at any given moment.

Spencer's dreams for the future include releasing music over next 18 months, which will require marketing and management over social media. He also hopes to build a better personal network of musicians, and start a family of his own someday soon.

A fun fact about Spencer: He is left handed and learned to play all instruments backwards!