Workshop Curriculum

We know you want your child to have an awesome experience with fun, music and making new friends.

We also know you want to know they’re gunna learn some cool things, too.

Check out our detailed curriculum below which outlines the exact details of the audition workshop.


Selections performed A Capella OR with Tracks

Required Materials:

  • Official feedback worksheets (used for feedback) and provided by Blue Feather

  • Audition song/monologue

  • Sheet music (if applicable)

  • Pen or pencil

All participants will perform a 32 measure audition song for the class that will be prepared before day 1 of the program.  

Afterwards, we will offer feedback and work with the singer on some adjustments.  At the end, we will do a second “lightning round” where the students can try to apply the suggestions.  

The students will also act as “casting directors” for the auditions. I will choose three different musicals and review the principal characters and musical style. The students will cast the actors in whichever role and musical they think would be the best fit.  The educational opportunity here is twofold:

  1. First, students experience the point-of-view of the director, which can be very informative for the audition (and rehearsal) process.  

  2. Second, the students can receive feedback on how they are representing themselves through their audition songs.  

Topics for discussion and workshop may include:

  • Entering and leaving the room

  • Introducing oneself and one’s material

  • Interacting with the pianist

  • Immediately establishing a character

  • Recovering from mistakes

  • Adjusting vocal technique

  • Learn everything from what sort of impression you make from the minute you enter the audition room to when you leave.

  • We can go over creating the perfect 16-32 bar cut for a song of their choosing (or the song they are singing in the show) and

  • how to best capture an auditor or directors attention in the 30 second audition window.