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"We have been very happy with Keely.  She does a great job with Brayden musically & personally.  Also, she is always on time & very professional!" - Angela Melon

My children love working with Abby.  She is kind, patient and her love of music is contagious.  My daughter, especially, enjoys playing piano again! -Jan Kim

My 9-year old daughter was really struggling with piano when we began with Blue Feather Music.  While she loved music, it had become a chore and she was becoming resentful and angry about practicing.  Blue Feather helped bring her love of music and joy of piano back to life.  It was music to my ears when she spontaneously said one day “Mommy, I really like practicing.”

- Kimberly Peretti

"I would like to highly recommend Laura Peacock and Blue Feather Music to you as a music teachers for your children.  I personally worked with Laura Peacock.  Laura Peacock is a gifted piano teacher. She is very well-respected in this community.  Northern Virginia is extremely fortunate to have a music teacher of her caliber to teach children in the area."


"Laura Peacock is a fantastic instructor for both children AND adults. She is such a knowledgeable, fun, and motivating instructor with an infectious smile. My child lights up whenever she arrives at our house for lessons and never complains. He has learned so much in the 6 months he has been taking lessons and I'm excited to see where he goes on his musical journey with Blue Feather Music."

-Linea Mackey Toepel

 Laura Peacock and a student in Washington
"My son Jude has been taking piano lessons with Laura for two years and he is continually excited for his lessons every week and voluntarily practices every night because Laura makes music so fun for him.  It is my great pleasure to recommend Laura Peacock and Blue Feather Music to you as a music teachers for your children. I am tremendously grateful to Laura for everything she has taught my son and the joy his music has brought to our family. I am happy to discuss with you my son’s experience with Blue Feather Music.  Please feel free to contact me anytime by e-mail (angelasbuchanan@yahoo.com)" 
-Angela Buchanan

"Our family has really enjoyed our lessons with Ms. Peacock!  We began with my 6 year old and we couldn't be happier with Laura's enthusiasm, positive reinforcement, and how quickly our daughter learned to read music. We were so happy that my sons, 13 and 10, started lessons. Her ability to adjust to their level of previous piano experience was almost as amazing as her ability to adjust her teaching style to be age appropriate for each of our children!  We love her and would highly recommend her to anyone with any age student!"  
-Sarah Cabalu, student since Winter 2014

"I have enjoyed my lessons with Kellie tremendously.  Not only is she a wonderful teacher for my six year old, but she has excelled in teaching me, an adult 'beginner' returning to piano after learning just a bit as a child.  She took the time to listen carefully to me initially with regard to what I was hoping to get out of the lessons, and my particular interests in taking up piano again, and then tailored the lessons and approach to learning specifically to me.  She is also simply a lovely person with whom to spend an hour each week."
-Gillette Thomas, student since Fall 2015

"As a college educated musician myself, I know good vocalists. Laura's personal vocal technique is incredible, but now that she's opened herself up to teach others to get that technique, her business has exploded! 

She's fantastic, friendly, and really has a business model that's family first. Love it!"

-Adam Mason

"About Miss Peacock, I think she is good because she teaches me how to play piano very well. I really like her. She is patient and nice and kind. And that's why I play piano with her."
-Emelina Scott, student since Spring 2014


Katherine was so creative with my daughter — in addition to mastering practiced pieces, my daughter learned about the composers and the social context of the music.  And Katherine encouraged her to have fun improvising!  - Anne Blakely

My daughter has really enjoyed her lessons with Katherine and looks up to her.  Katherine has done a wonderful job of teaching musical foundations while making lessons fun and encouraging. - Rachel Alpert

"Laura is absolutely passionate about music. Her love for the art is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. She is exceedingly patient with all students, encourages them and coaxes the very best effort from each and every one.  Her prices are very reasonable and worth every penny she charges.  I certainly believe I have received excellent service for my money." 

"As an adult student who had studied piano as a child, I wasn't sure what to expect but Laura has been supportive  and patient while providing material and instruction that simultaneously challenges me and keeps me interested. The combination of musical theory and instrumental instruction has been well balanced and it had been fun to resurrect, and further, long dormant skills. As a wonderful bonus, Laura's training as a vocalist has also allowed me to indulge my desire for voice lessons and I have learned more about the vocal instrument than I thought possible. Her method of instruction is easy to understand and implement, and her ability to quickly adapt exercises to best match the idiosyncrasies of my voice have allowed me to progress more quickly in my vocal training than I had anticipated. She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to every lesson."
-Marcela Scott, student since Spring 2014

"My family enjoys "Miss Laura" so much as a fabulous piano teacher and as a friend! Our three children started taking piano lessons with Laura in the fall of 2013, when they were 5, 7 and 8.  Since that time their understanding of music and piano has grown tremendously. My favorite thing about the way Laura teaches, besides coming to my house, is her attention to the way each child learns. She uses different techniques, and even different books or lesson series to teach them. I applaud that she recognizes their unique way if understanding music even though they are siblings. My children's favorite parts of the lessons? The improvisational songs with Miss Laura! It is when they can really shine musically! Of course, the spring recital is an added bonus too. We look forward to hearing and seeing their progression  over the years! "  
-James and Meghan Thomas, students since Summer 2013

"I've had lessons with Laura, and she's amazing. She's passionate, knowledgeable, and fun. I've learned so much from her and know that my vocal technique has improved." 

-Rebecca Wineland

"I am a classically trained vocalist, pianist & musician. I say that only to speak to the excellent standard in which Laura & her colleagues not only do business but in the heart-filled & education-centered lessons and experience they provide. It's a joy to be around Laura & her passion for teaching young & old!"

-Sarah Pete Rizzi

"Laura Peacock is highly knowledgable about vocal and piano pedagogy. She is a trusted colleague and valued friend. Her love for life, learning, and teaching is infectious!"

-Molly McNulty

 students with blue feather music in washington d.c.
"Laura is such an amazing and talented musician and teacher. She is super professional and passionate about what she does."
-Kerilynn Vigneau