Stephen Rodriguez



Born on July 20th, 1992,  Stephen was the product of a hard working family.  From the time he was a small child, Stephen has had a burning passion for music. He acquired his first guitar at age 8.  He describes this day as "the day (he) fell in love with creation."

During his time at Leonardtown Middle School, Stephen was a skilled member of the symphonic band, playing the snare drum and other percussive instruments.  Later joining the school's jazz band, he was named the school band's lead jazz drummer.  However, Rodriguez knew his love for music went beyond playing in formal high school bands.

He is now a full time multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and producer.  He teaches both privately and for a music school, and is also the drummer for the locally-known indie rock band "Nah." which just signed their first international record deal for their debut album, "Patchwork" to be released in late March.

He has also performed at ticketed venues with respected musicians from the DC area such as Gordon Sterling (Gordon Sterling and the People), Nick Soderstrom (Of Tomorrow), Neel Singh (Drop Electric), and many more.  Stephen has also done session recording at professional studios in the DMV area like Blue Hippo Recordings, Inner Ear Studios, and Blue Room Productions, and has also opened up his own studio that he runs out of his home. 

Currently living in the Falls Church area, he hopes to continue his professional musical endeavors while growing as a musician, as a teacher, and as a person.



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