Winter Recital

Tentatively Saturday, December 14

10 AM , 12 PM , 2 PM , 4 PM

Location TBD- we lost our previous location and are actively securing a new one.

No additional fees for packaged students :: non-packaged students will be charged $30 at the door.


Are recitals a requirement? 

Nope! Recitals aren't required but we encourage any and every student to participate. It's not about how impressive you are or how long you've been playing but the fact that you prepared something, followed through, had incredible amounts of courage and you did it! That's an awesome feeling that boosts confidence and inspires us.

What should my student play? 

They can play anything they like! Your teacher will work your student to pick the perfect piece to perform. It can be holiday themed or just a selection they love. 


There will be a $30 per student recital fee which helps to cover venue fees, program preparation, and a reception with light refreshments immediately following the recital. 


Your teacher will work with you directly to pick fun, challenging but accessible repertoire. To ensure a varied and interesting program, the studio will attempt to prevent any repeats on songs/pieces. If a song/ piece has already been selected by a student, it is then not an option for another student. This is to give everyone a chance to shine and feel that their moment was special and unique to them that day.