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Music has the power to directly transform and impact our lives in so many ways, from our minds, hearts, and spirit. Our mission at Blue Feather is to honor that power by bringing music into your home in a way that is in alignment with our three pillars:

Passion, Purpose, and Legacy

Lessons will be with instructors that teach from an overflow of a love of music. Your lessons will always be intentional with a purpose to ensure you’re getting an incredible experience the evokes joy and delight. Your lessons and music experience should leave a lasting, positive impact in your life.

We invite you to view your private music education as a journey to transformation. Lessons aren’t just for now, they are an investment in your students’ development long-term!

To that end, we have developed lesson package options to fit every family’s lifestyle, learning goals, and financial needs. We invite you to view your lessons packages like a season pass, a punch card, or college tuition. 

It would be an honor to bring music to your home and we hope you will consider joining the flock through a lessons package.

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Sweet Songbird

12 months


Rockin' Robin

6 months


Posh Peacock

9 months

For children taking lessons back-to-back in the same home, we offer discounts that ensure the best hourly rate inside your respective package length.

Exact tuition varies based on package preference, less length, and back-to-back scheduling. For exact tuition based on your preferences, please inquire/register directly.