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Posh Peacock

9 months | 30 lessons in 39 weeks

September-May | Expires May 31

Pay upfront | Monthly installments

Best deal! Best for students ready to take their lessons to the next level with reliable, weekly lessons. Best for regular learning and relationship building. Ideal for students committed to the long-term musical journey. Refund program available with this package*

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Sweet Songbird

A la carte lessons

Highest rate

Ultimate flexibility! Best for students who have highly unpredictable schedules. Great for the student who needs an occasional check-in with a trained professional. Ideal for an experienced student who is further along in their study and may not need weekly technical improvement. No refund program*


Summer Sparrow

3 months | 8 lessons in 12 weeks


Can add-on a la carte as discount

Great for skill up-keep! Recommended for all students as occasional lessons over the summer makes for a smooth transition into the fall. Best for new student trials or students wishing to continue their study through the summer months.


Rockin' Robin

3 months | 8 lessons every 12 weeks

Expires after 12 weeks from the date booked

Flexible, shorter term! Best for new student trials or the busy student whose schedule changes quarterly. A great option for students who occasionally need technical improvement and nurturing from a music professional. Great for role preparation, recital prep or audition prep. Refund program available*

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