Depending on your package, you can schedule either a free in-home consultation or phone call with our founder, Laura, to learn more about Blue Feather, discuss musical goals and teacher matches, what package might be right for you or your child, and ask questions.

Upon purchasing a package, you will decide on a day and time for your weekly lesson with your teacher directly. If you are already aware of certain weeks you need off, you can reschedule upfront accordingly. If you end up being present for all the lessons with no reschedules needed, you finish the term early and have two options: schedule a la carte lessons (at the same rate) or have some extra time off before the recital and spring semester.

There are no additional reschedules beyond scheduled flex weeks- any additional cancellations are forfeited.

Tuition and Pro-rating

Tuition is paid upfront online by credit card or can be divided up into equal monthly payments to be made by the 1st of the month. See “Payment” section for more info.

Semester packages will be open to purchase until the first week of each semester, at which time full semester registration will be closed. You can still register for lessons however we will create a pro-rated package for you. Tuition for all semester packages, no matter when they were purchased, follow the same commitment and payment options.


Tuition for lesson packages does not include: materials needed for lessons, i.e. books, lesson notebooks, supplemental music, recital or event fees, or any other incidental fees.

Missed Lessons or Cancellations

Blue Feather teachers invest a great deal of time and energy preparing and traveling to your lesson, therefore a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for student absence. Like other professional services, we reserve designated lesson time especially for you or your child, and your instructor cannot fill in your absence with another student.

For this reason, Blue Feather no longer offers offer make-up credits for absences and/or missed lessons that occur because students have conflicts, games, family travel, etc.

Built-in flex weeks with packs offer several opportunities where a missed lesson can be rescheduled. If you cancel or reschedule more lessons than there are flex weeks you will then forfeit those lessons with no refund.

If a lesson or class is cancelled because of inclement weather you will receive a reschedule, or credit on a case-by-case basis.

“No Shows”, meaning there was a lesson scheduled but the student was not present with no advanced notice, are forfeited and will count toward a lesson in your package and that lesson will not be rescheduled.


We take illness very seriously, as our teachers rely on their health to work and perform. If you or your student is sick, please call to reschedule as soon as you begin to feel sick. Under absolutely NO circumstances should you attend your lesson sick! (e.g. fever, sneezing, vomiting, been on antibiotics for less than 24 hours)

If you have multiple students in one household, it’s possible to use the sick student’s time with the other siblings if, and ONLY if, your teacher feels comfortable. Please discuss this with your teacher directly as each instructor will feel differently about this option.

Skype Lessons

In the event a student is sick or otherwise unable to attend lessons, Skype or FaceTime lessons are a wonderful alternative. A Skype lesson is not wasted time, as there are plenty of non-piano musical activities that can be accomplished through video lessons, and these can be an excellent option for busy families. There is no pro-rating for Skype lessons.

Teacher Cancellation

Your teacher will adhere to the same 24-hour notice policy, and will reschedule the missed lesson per their availability.  If the teacher cancels, you are entitled to a substitute, reschedule or as a last resort: a refund.


In the instance of a teacher cancellation, your teacher may attempt to secure a substitute teacher.

A lesson with a sub is never wasted time: All substitutes are exceptional professionals and musicians who can step in seamlessly to provide the same quality lesson you have come to expect from Blue Feather Music.

They are either current teachers on staff or teachers that have been personally and extensively interviewed and vetted by Laura, background-checked by our legal team and have excellent references from their colleagues.

Permanent Schedule Changes

We understand that sometimes schedules change, and we will accommodate this to the best of our ability. Please give us at least three-week’s notice of needing a permanent day/time change.

The studio runs at full capacity most of the time so changing your day/time can result in a less than ideal schedule. In these cases we ask for your flexibility and patience as we work to find a time that is convenient for both family and instructor.


All payments are automatic and online; we no longer accept checks. Blue Feather Music is proud to accept credit card payments via Stripe with no additional fees. You may wish to pay upfront for your semester tuition or select monthly installments. Smaller packages and a la carte lesson are paid upfront in full.

Payments will automatically be charged to your card on file the 1st of the month. If your information changes, be sure to update it on your account. Declined payments due to information changes or other reasons will be charged a $30 late fee after 5 days of delinquency.

Blue Feather reserves the right to pause or terminate lessons for delinquent accounts 2 months overdue.


Music is a life-long pursuit, but lessons are not always possible for a multitude of reasons. Whatever the reason, we will never take discontinuation of lessons personally. If you are unsatisfied with your lessons for any reason or if you are contemplating quitting, please feel free to speak to your teacher or Laura freely about your concerns.

If you’ve decided termination is the only option, please contact us directly at regarding your un-enrollment.

Blue Feather Music requires one month’s-notice of permanent cancellation. This will give your teacher time to wrap up any musical projects, discuss how your student(s) can continue to pursue their musical goals and inform prospective students there is an opening available.


If you decide to un-enroll:

For packages larger than 4:

  •   You are entitled to a 100% credit or refund before the first scheduled lesson/class, (minus the $20/student administrative processing fee).
  •  You are entitled to 50% credit or refund after the first four scheduled lesson/class (minus the $20/student administrative processing fee).
  • No refunds if you are 4 lessons awayfrom completing your package.
  • No refunds for packages smaller than 4 or a la carte lessons.

Periodic Rate Increase

To stay competitive in the market, stay current with economic growth, and compensate our teachers competitively and fairly as they become more experienced educators and performers, Blue Feather Music maintains the right to implement periodic rate increases.

Rate increases will always be communicated with at least a semester in advance. Rest assured you will always be receiving the highest value possible for your investment.

Behavior and Conduct:

Students are expected to behave in a nature that is conducive to a nurturing, positive learning environment. Blue Feather Music has the right to remove any student who is being disruptive, disrespectful or displaying any other type of inappropriate behavior. The teacher or administration has the right to decide what constitutes disruptive or inappropriate behavior.