Michelle Shine


Beginner Clarinet


New to Virginia, Michelle is a naive in Pittsburgh, Pa. There is where Michelle began her journey and passion for music at the age of 10 on the flute. Her passion for music didn’t stick until the end of high school when she decided to become a music teacher. 

Achieving that goal, Michelle received her Bachelors of Science in Music Education from Duquesne University in 2018 where she studied with Rhian Kenny. During her time in college she worked at a daycare once a week teaching music to children from 1-5 years old. She also gained a lot of teaching experience through working with high school marching bands in the summers, teaching flute for schools and privately, and helping with the Pittsburgh Public Schools’ 2017 All-City Arts Showcase.

Her musical background includes playing in community orchestras in Pittsburgh, solo recital performances, and collaborating with college alumni in group projects and original works such as a piece called “Xing Lu Nan” by Xinlei Chu. 

Currently, Michelle as completed her first of teaching in Northern Virginia at an elementary school full time. During that first year, she taught both band and orchestra for fourth and fifth grade students as well as general music for students in K-5th grade. Working with her co-music teacher they put on around seven performances during the school year. Michelle is a member of ACDA (American Choral Directors Associations), ASTA (American String Teachers Association), VMEA (Virginia Music Educators Association), and NAfME (The National Association for Music Education). 


I look at students as the new generation of teachers, whether that be in a classroom, family, business, etc. It is our job to help mold those students in the adults of society. By teaching them music, we are showing them that there is more than academics. And while academics and sports are important, music plays a vital role in all that we do from something as small as playing music in the car to using a piece of music to get a message across the country. 

When I am teaching a student, I look for the progress the student makes and the interest they have in their instrument. If a student is not interested or excited to play their instrument then their effort will show in their playing. I believe in continually pushing students to their best abilities. I would never give the student the answer to a question or make a problem easy for them. I believe in hard work and independence. A student feels a better accomplishment when they know they did it all on their own.

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