Lucia Lanave



song-writing theory

vocal coach

Lucia LaNave is an award-nominated actress, music director, and accompanist. A former student at the Catholic University of America for musical theatre, she has worked with many of the best music directors in the District of Columbia, including Walter Bobby McCoy, Marika Contouris, and Jake Null.

Recent credits include Sub. Keyboard 2- “Fame” Gala Hispanic Theatre, Jazz Pianist- “Ouroboros” TBD Immersive, Music Director- “Shrek” BASIS Independent McLean, Keyboard 1- “Gypsy” St. Mark’s Players. Upcoming: Assistant Music Director- “Little Shop of Horrors” Constellation Theatre Company.

Teaching Philosophy

“Teaching children (which I have since age 16) has been a consistent joy and fulfilling task in my life for years, and seeing growth and knowing I'm making a difference in a child's life is thrilling. I only hope that I can be the incredible mentor for a child that my voice and piano teachers in high school were for me.

I'm big on students being their own leader. I despise the idea of spoon-feeding students. They will more likely retain information that they are learning if they come to conclusions on their own.

I also believe that students will get out of music lessons what they put into it. What I put into it as a teacher is a huge burst of fun and optimism! Children are so much smarter than most adults give them credit for- I've taught college level music theory to 11 year olds so they'd understand how to write music. Any student can become better than they were.

… If a student works hard, they can go from not knowing where middle C is to playing full scales and shifting their hands within a few months.”

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