Lucia Lanave



song-writing theory

vocal coach

Teaching Philosophy

“Teaching children (which I have since age 16) has been a consistent joy and fulfilling task in my life for years, and seeing growth and knowing I'm making a difference in a child's life is thrilling. I only hope that I can be the incredible mentor for a child that my voice and piano teachers in high school were for me.

I'm big on students being their own leader. I despise the idea of spoon-feeding students. They will more likely retain information that they are learning if they come to conclusions on their own.

I also believe that students will get out of music lessons what they put into it. What I put into it as a teacher is a huge burst of fun and optimism! Children are so much smarter than most adults give them credit for- I've taught college level music theory to 11 year olds so they'd understand how to write music. Any student can become better than they were.

… If a student works hard, they can go from not knowing where middle C is to playing full scales and shifting their hands within a few months.”

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