Laura Peacock

Founder, Director

Master voice teacher

how it all started

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Laura Peacock has been involved with music her whole life. Performance focused for much of her academic tenure, it was in 2009 where she discovered a love for sharing music and working with students one-on-one. This was where she realized her true vocation.

She began teaching privately in the Arlington area in 2013, where she strived to create a relationally-driven studio, with specially-crafted lesson experiences for each student and their goals all within the comfort of their home.

Relationship and connection would be the center of her mission to change the idea of what private music lessons could look (and feel) like.

Ms. Peacock’s humble roster grew rapidly into a thriving music studio, but there was a need more more in the community. She searched out incredible, world-class instructors that embodied the same philosophy of music and thus, Blue Feather Music was established.

Crossing over from classical to pop, to country, and worship styles, Ms. Peacock is comfortable in all genres. She enjoys exploring the versatility of the voice with her students, too. She can often be found singing high D flats in a Verdi aria one week and then rocking out to her favorite Michael Jackson tune at an open mic the next!

Teaching and Philosophy

Ms. Peacock views her work with her students as a partnership to help them discover their true voice in whatever style that may be.

She’s more than comfortable teaching in classical and contemporary styles and has lots of tools in her toolbelt, ready to equip you with healthy vocal production and a life-long understanding of your voice regardless of style preference.

Voice lessons aren’t just about making ‘pretty sounds’ either!

Ms. Peacock encourages her students and offers the freedom to explore their instrument without judgement. Often times we make ugly sounds in the studio setting to learn vocal function of the instrument as a tool, to learn vocal boundaries or technical ‘holes’, or to strengthen the musculature. It’s all part of the process!

In the studio

Singers must have a working knowledge of reading music at a minimum- it’s a shame when singers never learn to read music because it puts them at a disadvantage in the REAL WORLD. And isn’t that what we are preparing them for?

Not having a working knowledge (at minimum) of music theory and note reading does them a huge disservice when they begin to collaborate with other musicians (and they inevitably will- singing is not something you cannot do alone).

To that end, Ms. Peacock also works with students on singer theory, ear-training, prepping for auditions, writing songs, and more!

Her more recent teachers include: David L Jones, Shaina Kuhn and Cate Frazier-Neely.

Ms. Peacock considers herself a technician, which means she is an expert at addressing, and working on vocal technique specifically. She is drawn to the diagnosis of vocal production and believe in the autonomy of the student’s full body understanding of what feels right, or not right for themselves.

Her job? To assist, diagnose and help them self-identify their own ideal instrument function.

She is a total geek about this! She reads articles, contemplates pedagogical topics in her free time, and continues to take lessons and educates herself on these things. She doesn’t consider singing to be a static learning journey, but a life-long path of discovery.

Core Values

She firmly believes in developing the WHOLE student. Music and singing is a spiritual process that involves the whole body and mind. You

She firmly believes that music education should primarily be fun and creative, and carefully crafts each lesson to help you reach your musical goals!

She enjoys creating a safe, fun and positive environment for her students to learn music and explore their creativity and reach their highest potential.

She believes in partnership with her students!

Music is a full mind-body experience that takes time and deep sense of care.

On a personal note

Laura received her Bachelors of Music from Mercer University and her Masters of Music from Georgia State University. She has won competitions, traveled the world, sung with the Atlanta Opera Chorus and more. Most recently she has been singing and leading with the worship team at National Community Church in the greater D.C. area and directing the Blue Feather Music studio.

Member of National Association of Teachers of Singing and Music Teachers National Association, and the Speakeasy Cooperative.

When Laura isn't teaching you can find her on a quest for the perfect cup of coffee or at the dog park with her scrappy, miniature dachshund, Biscuit! She also enjoys spending time with her fiance and his two beautiful children, Abby and Kaden.

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