Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which package is right for me?

We've worked to create packages that fit even the busiest families' needs. If you're ready to take your instruction to the next level with weekly lessons a semester at a time, we recommend the Posh Peacock. If your schedule changes frequently and need more flexibility and smaller commitment time frame, we recommend the Rockin' Robin. For the ultimate flexibility, you might want to consider the Sweet Songbird option for lesson a la carte when you need them. Pricing will vary based on your package of choice and instructor.

I've selected the best package for me but how do I book it?

Give us a call at 571.305.2532 or email us at or book instantly online!

I purchased a package, now what?

Depending on your package, you can schedule either a free in-home consultation or phone call with our founder, Laura, to learn more about Blue Feather, discuss musical goals and teacher matches, what package might be right for you or your child, and ask questions.

Upon purchasing a package, you will decide on a day and time for your weekly lesson with your teacher directly. If you are already aware of certain weeks you need off, you can reschedule upfront accordingly. If you end up being present for all the lessons with no reschedules needed, you finish the term early and have two options: schedule a la carte lessons (at the same rate) or have some extra time off before the recital and spring semester. There are no additional reschedules beyond scheduled flex weeks- any additional cancellations are forfeited.

When is open enrollment for each semester?

Packages will be available for enrollment a couple months before the respective semester start date. This allows for students to renegotiate a new package that might suit them better at that time. We will make announcements and will be posted on our website.

What if I'm starting mid-semester?

Welcome, we're glad you're here! We welcome students to start anytime. Ask us about custom, pro-rated packages for students starting after the semester starts.

What do I need for lessons?

All piano and voice students should have regular access to an acoustic piano or an 88-key modern digital piano with a weighted hammer action. 

Acoustic pianos should be kept in good working order and should be tuned at least once a year. We highly recommend Clyde Allen with Capitol Pianos. He can be contacted via email:

All drums students should consult their teacher on what instruments and/or supplies they should regularly have access to.

All guitar and bass students should have regular access to an acoustic, electric or bass guitar depending on the style of guitar lessons they are taking. 

Books and other supplemental materials will be recommended individually by the teacher.

How often do I need to practice?

If there is a lack of progress, there is probably a lack of practice! A student’s progress is determined by dedicated practice, not by simply attending lessons. Ideally, students should practice at least 4-5 days a week. 

Remember: QUALITY over QUANTITY. Students should practice long enough to complete their weekly tasks as assigned by their teacher.

As a parent, how can I support my child's musical growth?

We're glad you asked! Parental support is an extremely important factor in musical training, especially for young beginners. Students whose parents take an active role in their progress tend to be more enthusiastic and productive. Create a quiet space where the student can practice, and schedule a time for practice each day. Parents know their children the best, so find a system that motivates your student to practice and be sure to let your teacher in on it, too! Your teacher can be a part of the system and encourage practice time.

At what age should you start taking private lessons? 

It's never too early for little ones to discover a love of music and the arts! It can vary by instrument but for piano and voice we recommend students be able to understand number 1-5 and letters A-G to begin lessons. The private lesson setting requires more focus and attention than a group class, so keep that in mind as well. If you're not sure if your child is ready, give us a call and we'd be happy to make a recommendation! 

But really, no make-up lessons??

Like other professional services, we have reserved this spot especially for you and your instructor cannot be fill it with another student. Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson, regardless of the situation.

If you are concerned you are paying for lessons you did not receive, rest assured your tuition payment is always working for you.

So, where does my tuition go?

You are not only paying for the reservation of time with your teacher, but also their expertise, guidance and investment in the overall musical journey of your student. If we truly billed by the hour, the bill would be astronomical!

Blue Feather Music teachers and staff devote countless hours to be the best they can be for your students:

  • All teachers have minimum one music degree
  • travel time to your home
  • travel related expenses
  • individualized lesson plans
  • researching new repertoire
  • purchasing books and resources
  • memberships with related professional associations
  • pursuing continued education and professional development opportunities
  • growing their skill sets
  • recital prep
  • helping students with audition prep
  • lessons for themselves
  • traveling and preparing for gigs
  • instrument maintenance
  • administrative tasks and planning
  • new student setup
  • and SO much more!

So, take comfort in knowing that you are receiving the best private, in-home music instruction available with the best value possible.