The Boutique Experience

Boutique: a word that conjures images, at least in my mind, of tiny shops filled with unique fashion pieces, often handmade, or imported from some exotic location. Beautiful signs grace the door frames with artistic, whimsical names, and you know that when you walk through those doors you will be transported into special little worlds designed to make each customer feel very important.

If you scan the internet for definitions of boutique however, you’ll find that the term isn’t only used for glass storefronts filled with gorgeous clothes or expensive flowers and gifts.  The word actually describes businesses of all types that are one of a kind in their field of expertise. Words you’ll most commonly discover in connection with the term boutique are “exclusive,” “sophisticated,” “customized,” and “specialized.” Here at Blue Feather, we strive to offer a service that is all those things.

First, we are exclusive in identifying a very specific kind of client whose needs we understand. These are clients engaged in the fast paced lifestyle of Greater DC, longing for convenient access to the joy of music education, and wary of one more hectic project on the “to do” list. This is why we come right to your door, ready to connect you to your goals in the atmosphere where you feel most comfortable.

Second, we believe you are sophisticated, and require a sophisticated service. This is because you value your time, you value music education, and you value the person who will unlock that door for you. You know that education at its finest requires a healthy relationship with someone who will ultimately inspire you or your child, whom you can trust enough to come into our home. This is why we carefully vet all of our teachers to make sure we bring you someone we ourselves completely trust and believe in as an educator.

Third, we offer a customized service. We do not have an agenda to transform you into our vision of the perfect trophy student. We seek to create a new name for music teachers, bringing instructors to your door who will be all about you and your goals, however modest or extensive they may be. We believe that love of music comes first, and discipline follows. If you dream of gracing Carnegie Hall, we are here to work hard with you, but if you just want to play some of your favorite movie themes at the piano, we also see that joy centered learning as completely legitimate.

Finally, we are specialized, because you are specialized. No two families are the same, and we feel that the only way we can help you achieve your goals is to get to know you. We seek to stay personal in an impersonal city, and so we bring you only the best in vibrant, dedicated instructors who wish to make a difference in your life while also growing in their own artistry and career. They are making the sacrifices needed to pursue a music filled life, and we believe they will inspire you to begin your own journey down that path, however short or long you feel it should be.

This friends, is what we believe a boutique musical experience should be. When people, relationships, and joy come first, academic success has so much room to flourish. Thank you for joining the Blue Feather community and making this vision a reality.


written by Kellie McHugh Dragity