Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017! As we begin a new year, I've not only been making new year's resolutions but reflecting on some bigger questions: like the WHY behind what I do. No matter what you do if your 'why' is clear and true, the rest will follow.  

During all this I thought about how impactful my work can be. And I mean that in the long term affects of what I am instilling in these little people (or even grown up people!) and how we have an opportunity to be so much more than a 'weekly half hour'. After a crazy 2016, I was reflecting on why I REALLY do this, and what actually makes me happiest when I'm teaching. Why do I love it and what keeps me doing this week in and week out. 

What I realized is... what keeps me motivated and excited week to week is the deep investment I know I'm making in each child. It's the rich report that I sense developing every week when I see them master a new technique, play that difficult section or when I ask them what their favorite gift from Santa was and they smile really big and tell me all about it. And the best part is it's so real for them. I love those moments, I adore those moments! I like to think what I do reaches beyond learning music and becomes a life-enriching opportunity. I get to pour into these kids and love on them, and that kind of investment can be life-changing. When I look back on moments or people that shaped me, 

I'm a music teacher. But I'm also a friend, a cheerleader, a mentor and someone students can laugh with too. That's what keeps me motivated and excited every week. I challenge you to reflect on what motivates you each week and use that as fuel for your craft in 2017!