For our singers and other players requiring an accompanist:

Singing and performing is always a collaborative effort!

As part of our ongoing efforts to better serve our studio, a professional accompanist will be provided for recitals and other performances.

Blue Feather is pleased to provide these collaborative artists so you don’t have to find one! These professionals offer the studio a fantastic rate which includes: one private rehearsal and the performance. Sign up forms and rehearsal dates will be sent in advance of the performance date.

Because of the amount of students we have and the undertaking required to prepare music for all of those students, the package offered cannot be amended or prorated. NO exceptions.

Rock Band

You’re not just a guitar student, You’re a GUITARIST. But what does it take to get that feeling? Real world experience of collaborating with your colleagues.

To better serve our drums and guitar students (and keyboard and voice, too!) and ensure they are able to grow with confidence in their instrument, we are offering a Rock Band class.

The class will be held at a TBD location monthly. Students can register then receive the music in advance and come ready to collaborate with their fellow band members on songs. Sessions will be moderated and led by one of our experienced instructors.

Stay tuned for more information.

Virtual Recitals

In today’s world, more and more people are turning to technology to bring them closer together, to get work and business done, and hang out!

Introducing virtual recitals! Blue Feather Music is excited to offer monthly virtual recitals where students can hop on at anytime and perform. Practice what they are doing in their lessons in an informal, casual setting.

A registration form will be available an ZOOM video conferencing will be the platform for virtual recitals. V.R.s will be moderated and led by one of our experienced instructors.

Stay tuned for more information